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Windswept by Teodora Pogonat (Courtesy of Circle C Creatives)

The Austin Studio Tour, brought to you by these nifty movers and shakers from Big Medium, is a combination of the pre-pandemic West Austin Studio Tour and the East Austin Studio Tour, once separate and now united into a single, world-wide event. city ​​that unfolds like a divine origami over three local weekends in November. This is a free, self-guided celebration of visual art that features more than 530 Austin-based artists and creative collaborations, with tour boundaries expanded to include all 10 City Council districts for in-person attendees, as well as a 15 mile radius from the Capitol for virtual participants. The first weekend (Sat-Sun, Nov 6-7, noon-6pm) highlights the West Side of Austin; the second weekend (Sat-Sun, Nov 13-14, 12 pm-6pm) covers West and East; and the last weekend (Sat-Sun, Nov 20-21, noon-6 p.m.) ends with just East. (You can pick up a free studio business card at any branch of the Austin Public Library, starting November 4; but you must become a Big Medium member to get a copy of the Austin Studios Tour Art Book.) Here are five recommendations to start your explorations. Note: These are for the first week based in the West, of course; and we will follow five of them for the eastern part of the tour in the next issue.


Denise Fulton, this astonishing painter of figurative realism (and one of the founders of the Atelier Dojo art school), exhibits her latest explorations of feminist themes and also welcomes her friend and colleague artist, Chalda Maloff. Maloff uses digital technology to create otherworldly summaries – reminiscent of full color jellyfish, for example, or transparent floral scatters – that are printed on a large scale with archival pigment inks. This exhibition for two is a captivating study of contrasting styles of personal expression.

AST # 86-87
4104 avenue H

Stella Alesi

This woman’s protean career has gone through phases of creation that generate a series of diverse and very distinct expressions – each of which has been remarkable for its graphic power and focus, her work ranging from hyperrealistic botany to pointillist mandalas to daring abstracts. and bulky. This year, Alesi will be opening his home studio to display paintings from his current cycle “With Grace”, as well as older works from his series “Aftermath” and “Simplicity”.

AST # 146
1017-A W. Milton

Art gallery for the people

This welcoming venue led by Hallie Rae Ward lights up the tour with her current band show, “Florish”, embodying the definition of “growing and developing in a healthy and vigorous way, especially in a supportive environment”. Here is a favorable environment indeed, with works by more than 40 artists on display – Amanda Witucki, Court Rogers, Wolf Garden, Mitch Albrecht and Jessica Nacovsky among them – and a bonus solo exhibition, “Own Your Aura”, by the alcohol ink virtuoso Julie Pelaez.

AST # 155
1711 S. First

Circle C creations

Ah – Circle C. A chic neighborhood, will it generate works to see? But, come on, not all artists need to be settled at subsistence level in an attic to wow the eyes and touch the soul with what they create, do they? And this exhibit at the Circle C Community Center reveals a group of 20 artists working in photography, painting, collage, ceramics, and sculpture – and we think we have among them the reality-distorting digital artist Leslie Kell and photographer from world-class haute couture Teodora Pogonat. is reason enough for a visit this first weekend.

AST # 189-203
7817 La Croix

Almost real things: Artbus

OK, so maybe you want someone other than your the Chronicle friends to organize your visiting experience? Or maybe you prefer to just take a tour of the city in a decorated bus, sipping drinks (unlimited alcohol, soda water and juices) and listening to great music with a group of other fans of the city. art, while the affable celebrants of creativity at Almost Real Things handle studio choices and conduct? Either way, we know you’ll be in good hands with this fun crew, who offer Ferris Wheel and Gregarious Service (at $ 35) for the first two weekends of AST.

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