Fife Council resources ‘not deployed properly’ to tackle fly spills


THE Senior Environmental Advisor doesn’t think Fife Council is doing enough to tackle illegal dumping, litter and dog fouling.

Councilor Ross Vettraino said they should work smarter and admitted the public would have expected more “environmental vandals” to be fined in the past six months.

At the plenary council meeting last week, he responded to a written question from Councilor Darren Watt.

Cllr Watt said: “While we can all agree that there are many reasons for the spill, there are no excuses.

“However, this brings little comfort to communities, residents, businesses and private landowners who are often unfairly burdened with the costs of cleanup.

“In the past six months, how many flat-rate fines have been imposed on ‘environmental vandals’ by the Fife Council and how many have been collected?

Cllr Vettraino, the head of the Environment, Protection Services and Community Safety Committee, said: “I consider environmental vandalism to cover illegal dumping, litter, dog fouling and graffiti.

“On this basis, over the past six months, there have been 33 notices of fixed fine issued for illegal dumping of which five have been paid, eight have been issued for rubbish, three of which have been paid to date, and seven for dog-fouling, of which five were paid. ”

Cllr Watt, whose neighborhood includes Kelty and Crossgates, said: “I am amazed at the numbers.

“I guess the question is what the general public will actually think of these numbers and what action is the Fife Council taking to ensure that these numbers are increased and that there is clearer deterrence, no only for those causing illegal landfills and environmental vandalism, but also what kind of message will this send to the general public who recycle responsibly? ”

Cllr Vetraino said: “I can only imagine the public would expect there to have been more fixed penalty notices given the public concern expressed about the illegal dumping.

“Council resources, in my opinion, are not as well organized and deployed as they could be in order to maximize policing of the situation.”

He added that in consultation with department heads and other high-ranking officers, he was working on a new environmental vandalism strategy.

Cllr Vettraino concluded: “I am convinced this will lead to an improvement in the policing issue, which will likely mean an increase in the fixed penalty notices issued.”

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