Fife advisor attacks dump trucks


A FIFE adviser doesn’t want the fly tippers to pay a fixed £ 200 fine – he wants them taken to court to face a fine of up to £ 2,500.

Tired, Ross Vettraino, the environmental spokesperson for the council, wants tougher measures to stop those who destroy our communities with their garbage.

He said: “Let’s get it right, this is not a fly spill, this is an illegal spill. Hopefully by using more CCTV we can catch more people.

“They can be served just now with a fixed penalty of £ 200. I don’t want to do that.

“I want to report them to the IRS where the sheriff may have a darker point of view and the maximum fine is £ 2,500.”

Cllr Vettraino hit back after criticism from Fife MP Alex Rowley, who asked what the council was doing to tackle the “sharp rise” in tipping in the Kingdom and what resources were being used to find those responsible, as well as to research commitment. abolish the reservation system and open recycling centers to full capacity.

In a letter to Managing Director Steve Grimmond, Mr Rowley said the public “is increasingly angry with those who are dumping and damaging our environment and want action taken to address the issues and the people who are doing it. “.

The Labor politician also asked why some recycling centers restrict access to vans and trailers.

Cllr Vettraino, who is working on a new ‘environmental vandalism strategy’, said: ‘He should know this is not just happening in Fife, it is increasingly increasing the length and breadth of the UK and the pandemic has something to do with it.

“People have nothing else to do but be at home and generate waste, some don’t bother to dispose of it responsibly and throw it away in the countryside or elsewhere.

“Every garbage you see has been deliberately deposited there by an irresponsible person who gives nothing for the environment or those with whom they share the environment.

“I don’t know how you change that attitude, but we have to do a better job of educating children in school to become responsible adults.”

He said vans and trailers were banned in an attempt to prevent illegal disposal of commercial waste at recycling centers, which the council said was costing them £ 1.5million per year.

And the reservation system, introduced during the pandemic, was put in place to ensure the health and safety of workers, through measures such as social distancing, and anyone using the sites.

The SNP adviser added curtly: “I had no idea that Alex Rowley was an epidemiologist who could tell what the subsequent transmission of the virus would be in our recycling centers.

“It’s great for these guys outside of the administration who can make these sweeping claims without having to justify them.

“There are good reasons why the reservation system was introduced and why vans and trailers were banned.”

Cllr Vettraino added that a single point meeting had already been agreed for June 24 to review the management of recycling centers, with the end of the reservation system likely to be agreed upon.

As part of his new strategy, which is still being developed, he explained: “Better management of the situation will be at the center of it all. There are nearly 10,000 business premises in Fife and each would be visited to ensure they have proper arrangements for the disposal of commercial waste. They are required to have an approved carrier, but these checks are not in progress at the moment. ”

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