Fanatics who scrawled anti-Catholic graffiti in Dumbarton have been called ‘stupid’

Fanatics who scrawled anti-Catholic graffiti on Dumbarton’s Denny Tank Museum were called “stupid”.

Despicable messages smeared in blue and black spray paint were noticed on the building on Thursday last week, the day after the Old Firm clash between Celtic and Rangers.

Dumbarton councilor Karen Conaghan, who previously highlighted the problem of anti-Catholic graffiti locally while calling for more education in schools to tackle bigotry, said she was disgusted by the posts.

Councilor Karen Conaghan was disgusted by the messages.

The SNP member told The Lennox: ‘This senseless vandalism is disgusting on so many levels.

“The money that needs to be spent cleaning this up could definitely be better spent elsewhere.

“It’s sickening that our meager resources are being spent on eliminating this bile.

“It is also quite depressing that despite the steps we take to educate people about the often devastating effects of bigotry and hate, we still see things like this on a fairly regular basis.

“Ignorance is at the root of this, you would have to be really stupid to think that someone should be a target because of their origin or the religion they belong to, and break the cycle of generational bigotry and hate is a challenge, but we have to keep trying.

“Fortunately, the good and decent people of this region far outweigh those who commit this mindless behavior and I know they will continue to condemn this stain on our society.”

Councilor Conaghan’s comments were echoed by Dave Scott, director of anti-cult charity Nil by Mouth.

Dave Scott from Nil by Mouth - Glasgow - December 2014
Dave Scott of Nil by Mouth.

He said: “There is still a high level of ignorance and arrogance towards people who graffiti public buildings, as if their views deserve to be heard more than anyone else’s.” ‘other. But adding direct threats to Catholics in this way is not just antisocial behavior, but a religiously aggravated hate crime and should be treated as such by society.

“Hopefully the police can use CCTV to catch the fanatics behind this and they will face full consequences for their actions in court.

“We have reported this to the council and it is depressing to think that in the midst of a cost of living crisis public money has to be spent cleaning up after bigoted morons.

“We estimate that one in four reported graffiti incidents in Scotland has an element of hate crime and urge people to report what they see and what they know.

“We would also like the courts and children’s committees to consider ways to ensure that those involved in such offenses are compelled to clean up similar displays of hate to help atone for their behavior.

“All credit goes to the council for removing this so quickly – that’s the kind of response we need.”

As Labor MP for Dumbarton Jackie Baillie added: ‘This is absolutely despicable. I don’t understand why anyone would stick such offensive slogans in a museum celebrating Dumbarton’s rich shipbuilding history.

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