False advertisement of time of COVID-19 test result in WNY

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – In an interview with 7News on Friday, New York Attorney General Letita James said her office had received complaints from residents of western New York that some COVID-testing sites were 19 took longer to achieve results than promised.

“We have complaints in Buffalo, statewide, people promised PCR test results in a timely manner, but did not receive them,” James said.

On Tuesday, 7News told you about letters from James warning upstate businesses not to keep their promises.

While no business in western New York State has been officially notified by the Attorney General’s office, James said if a business is notified, it must change the wording of its website and its website. signaling to reflect the actual turnaround time of test results.

“If they fail to correct the ad again, if they fail to deliver the promised and advertised results, we will take action,” said James, who said it was false advertising. by companies that promote results faster than reality.

If a COVID-19 test site makes you wait or makes you wait longer for results than what he promoted, James said to call his office (1-800-771-7755) or send an email to ag.ny.gov

“I would love to hear from residents of the Buffalo area,” said James.

For Carmela Scott of Tonawanda, Friday marked 10 days since she was tested. Scott and seven members of his family attended Community Testing Services in Williamsville shortly after being exposed to someone with COVID-19 on Christmas Day.

Scott and his seven family members underwent rapid COVID tests at Community Testing Services which quickly came back negative, but PCR test results were not presented for all eight people.

Scott said he was told the results would be back in 48 hours. When she entered the testing building, Scott said an employee told her her results would take up to seven days, but it’s now been 10 days.

On the Community Testing Services website, the home page states that due to a busy testing period, results take between five and seven days, and they are “currently working on a resolution that will bring down the times resulting from 24-48 hour PCR “. The website says the resolution will be in place by Monday, January 10.

On Tuesday, Community Testing Services said Scott and his family would receive the results in 36 hours, but Scott said that had not happened. They suggested that he get tested again if no results were obtained.

“I sent it back saying 36 hours have passed and we haven’t heard from anyone,” Scott said.

Community Testing Services did not return to 7News for comment.

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