European Union filed new antitrust case against Google for digital advertising practices


London – European Union regulators have launched a new Google antitrust investigation. This time around, we looked to see if the company is holding back competition in digital ad technology.

The EU executive committee formally said on Tuesday whether Google violated Block’s competition rules by backing its own online display advertising technology service at the expense of rival publishers, advertisers and ad technology services. . He said he opened an investigation.

“Google collects data for targeted advertising purposes, sells advertising space and acts as an intermediary for online advertising. Google is therefore present at almost every level of the online display advertising supply chain. “It exists in,” said Marguerite Bestagger, Vice-President of the European Commission. declaration.. “Google is concerned that competing online advertising services are making it difficult to compete in the so-called ad technology stack. “

The committee said it was looking specifically at whether Google was restricting third-party access to user data for advertising purposes on websites and apps.

“Thousands of European businesses are using our advertising products to reach new customers and fund their websites on a daily basis,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. CNBC .. “They choose them because they are competitive and efficient. We continue to work constructively with the European Commission to answer their questions and to European businesses and consumers our products. Show the benefits of. “

The antitrust allegations are the latest filed against Google. At the end of 2020, the Justice Department filed antitrust proceedings against the company, alleging its action on search engines. Increased competition..And in December, 30 states filed their own proceedings. The tech giants claim to illegally monopolize the online search market, harming consumers and advertisers.

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European Union filed new antitrust case against Google for digital advertising practices

Source link The European Union has filed a new antitrust case against Google for digital advertising practices

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