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In his more than six years as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Duncan on James Street, Paul Roggow said he had never seen anything like the graffiti that covered three sides of the church Friday morning, put there on the night of March 3rd.

He said he had seen small tags and graffiti painted on the church during his time there, but the big curse words condemning Christianity and its symbols and suggestions of sexual violence painted in big black letters were fine. more disturbing than he had ever seen, and he sensed a lot of anger behind them.

Roggow said RCMP removed what appeared to be a homeless man from around the church property that night, shortly after 8 p.m., but it’s unclear whether the person has any connection to the graffiti.

He said the church had hired night security during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep tabs on the building and property, but the graffiti was done before security staff started their night shift.

Roggow said he believed the incident was a reflection of growing social issues in the community.

“I think it shows that we can do a lot better as a church and as a community to deal with these issues,” Roggow said as workers moved to quickly paint the offensive graffiti on Friday morning.

“There are so many people living on the streets these days, and there is an increase in drug use and violence. We need to do more as a society, including us in the church, to help these people. I know that some steps are being taken to help, but we need more steps in the process to find the right solutions.

Roggow said it would likely cost up to $600 to have the paint cover up the graffiti, but the painters do the job for free.

RCMP continue to investigate the incident.

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