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Since I started at Acast last year, we’ve been looking for Creative Mavericks – brands with the creative ambition to take advantage of the blank canvas offered by podcast advertising. And, in 2021, we started to find them.

Podcast advertising is at its peak in Australia.

During its short history, the best podcast commercials have tended to be guest readings, where the show’s well-known and trusted voices speak about a product or service in their own unique style. . And there’s a reason why hosts read ads are always considered bee knees: They work. Really good.

In our Sounds Smart 2021 report, which took a deep dive into Australia’s podcast landscape, we found that Australians are extremely receptive to ads in this environment. Listeners report being more aware of brands they’ve heard of on podcasts (77%), they take action after hearing an ad (25%), and they’re more likely to recognize a brand in the future (24%).

According to Nielsen’s Podcasting Today report, Host-Read Ads generate a 71% brand retention rate, and I’ve written about the effectiveness of podcast advertising before.

Simply put, the readings from the hosts are excellent. But, as many brands are discovering, there is so much more you can do with podcasts – and, from branded podcasts to sponsored stories, the best podcast ads are fueled by creativity.

Branded podcasts are making their mark

In October, Acast launched two new branded podcasts in Australia: Rule Benders with Samsung Galaxy and Make it Count with Bendigo Bank.

Rule Benders is a six-part, branded podcast campaign that features conversations with amazing Australians who bent the rules, defied convention and redefined what’s possible, and is part of the larger marketing campaign for the latest lineup of foldable smartphones from Samsung.

Make it Count with Bendigo Bank is hosted by Too Peas’ Kate and Mandy in a podcast, who chat with the experts and break down family finances for parents. Kate and Mandy discuss everything from spending money to growing pains, and share practical ways to ensure families are supported now and in the future.

Hayley Walton, Brand Marketing Manager, Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics Australia, said: “Our first set of branded podcasts will help engage audiences on a deeper level and help them connect with Samsung in a way. that we have never achieved before.

Unlike traditional ads and sponsorships, branded podcasts allow brands to start their own conversations and develop a space where they can connect with new audiences. And these audiences are very engaged: according to our Sounds Smart study, 78% of Australian listeners say they devote their full attention to podcast content.

These recently launched shows are further proof that brands are starting to realize the power of podcasting, but it’s a far from saturated space, especially in Australia. There are countless opportunities for brands of all shapes and sizes to step up and create podcasts that connect with consumers.

Stories sponsored by Acast

Sponsored Stories is an Acast Creative execution that empowers brands – and podcasters – to be more flexible and adventurous when it comes to advertising. The emphasis is on longer storytelling, pushing traditional sponsorship reads a step further and giving brands a greater voice in commercial breaks.

A recent campaign that really realized the creative potential of sponsored stories was Belong’s “A Love Song to the Internet”. Belong has teamed up with these lovely Too Peas creators, Kate and Mandy (we love to keep them busy), and the results really speak for themselves.

It’s not too often that the ads are publicly praised by their target audience, but Kate and Mandy’s Facebook community was in turmoil. Here are some comments from listeners:

“You made a smart choice teaming up with Kate and Mandy!” These are such genuine and wonderful women who do such an important job.

“I love this ad! He was humming, went to Shazam and then realized what it was. So very eye-catching!

Kelly Schulz, Head of Brand, Communications and Culture at Belong, added, “A love song on the internet is about celebrating the happy and unexpected vortices of the internet, and there is no better place. for that only in podcasts. The podcasts we have chosen to partner with share our values ​​of belonging and inclusion, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Comments and discussions among engaged listeners have proven that a long-form ad is welcome if it has entertaining value and hits the right notes.

Podcasting has long been seen as a creative medium in its own right, but advertisers are grabbing hold of it – and podcast campaigns are no longer seen as a ‘good to have’ in their media plans.

We’re continually exploring what more we can do for our clients in podcasting – it’s a creative challenge that gets us out of bed in the morning. What can I say ? We love the smell of podcasting in the morning.

The beauty is that our clients have joined this journey with us this year, pushing the boundaries when it comes to hard-hitting podcast ideas and campaigns. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done together, and I know there’s a lot more to come.

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