Council for removing graffiti from all buildings in London Road, Brighton


Graffiti on all buildings on a downtown street will be removed within one day of painting.

Brighton and Hove City Council has pledged that graffiti will be removed or repainted on public and private property within 24 hours of its appearance.

The council currently only removes graffiti from public property – and private property when it is deemed offensive.

However, a spokesperson for the council said the evidence suggests that increased graffiti removal leads to a decrease in graffiti.

He said: “The council agreed on additional permanent funding of £ 100,000 earlier this year to bolster our graffiti removal efforts.

“The trial is taking place on London Road, at numbers 1 to 144. We will be monitoring the area daily between 5 am and 10 pm, seven days a week.

“Any new graffiti will be photographed and repainted or removed.

“We have contacted all businesses, residents and landowners in the trial area to explain what we are doing and how they will be affected.

“At the end of the trial, we will assess its effectiveness before considering our next steps. ”

Council chief Phelim Mac Cafferty said the trial, which began yesterday, marks the first time graffiti on private and public property will be removed by the authority.

He said: “The Greens funding provided is now being implemented as part of a three-month 24-hour graffiti removal trial on London Road.

“This is the first time that council will remove graffiti from all types of property – public, residential and commercial – within 24 hours of the event, which is considered essential to deter behavior.

“It is then planned to extend this practice to the whole city. ”

Earlier this year, the council committed £ 100,000 for graffiti removal in its budget.

Speaking ahead of the budget, Green Councilor Tom Druitt said he hoped the graffiti removal would encourage tourists to visit the city.

He said: “Major projects such as the Madeira terraces are at the center of our regeneration plans, and we also propose to devote money to combating graffiti and making our city more welcoming to visitors. ”

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