Concrete racing structures to be left in Long Beach until April Grand Prix – Press Telegram


The Long Beach Grand Prix association will be able to keep some of its concrete structures in place until the next race in April, the city council decided on Tuesday (October 5th).

This means that the association can leave 1,062 concrete blocks roadside along certain city streets, reducing installation time by three days for the April event. Blocks can stay along Seaside Way, in Elephant Lot, and along Shoreline Drive east of Pine Avenue.

City manager Tom Modica added that leaving the concrete blocks could affect access for businesses in the area, but said the blocks would only be left on the east side of Avenue des Pins, in the away from any business.

“I think it makes sense, given how beneficial this event is to the city, to allow the association to leave some of the concrete blocks in place,” City Councilor Cindy Allen said at the meeting. .

The Long Beach Acura Grand Prix swarmed downtown the city on the last weekend of September, about six months past its normal April schedule, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the 2022 iteration of Long Beach’s biggest annual event is set to return in April, making it the shortest timeframe since the Grand Prix went from September in its first year, in 1975, to April in its first year. second.

Although the city has approved the deal, the California Coastal Commission must also approve the association’s request, according to the city staff report.

This saves the association about $ 89,000 and cuts preparation time for next year’s Grand Prix by three days, according to a report from city staff.

Because the city allows the blocks to stay in place, the association will use a portion of that $ 89,000 to repair parts of the race track, according to the staff report. The association is also expected to inspect the concrete blocks every two months, remove all graffiti and advertising, and add the city to its insurance policy for the blocks.

The reduction in setup time would also reduce noise and create fewer interruptions for local businesses and residents as next year’s race approaches, according to the staff report.

The association has until October 17 to demolish everything else.

The city and the association are currently negotiating its contract, which expires on June 30, 2023. The city as an optional five-year extension, which both sides are negotiating, the staff report says.

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