CASETiFY launches “Bounce Case” for iPhone 14, the world’s most protective case for the mass market

Tested to withstand over 156 drops from all angles and drops of up to 21.3 feet, the 6x Military Grade Standard Bounce Case is the most protective of its kind.

LOS ANGELES, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CASETiFY, the global tech accessories brand loved by Millennials, Gen Z and Hollywood celebrities unveiled the most protective phone case ever for the mass market today and made it available for Apple’s new iPhone 14 — The Bounce case. At the same time, the brand has updated its best-selling Impact and Ultra Impact series, making them the most protective phone cases in their class.

The most striking feature of the Bounce case is the “Bounce Corners”, a revolutionary innovation resulting from a rigorous R&D process that included drop testing hundreds of smartphones to identify only 70% of the most vulnerable points of a device were located at all four corners, with the worst impacts capable of peeling the screen off the main body and causing irreparable damage. Bounce Corners are inspired by suspension bridges. Compression ribs with three air cavities provide cushioned contraction and rebound in the event of a fall, protecting the device from structural damage. New iPhone 14 owners can order and customize their own Bounce case or other CASETiFY iPhone 14 phone cases to as well as models on order on the Amazon page of the brand. Sites around the world with CASETiFY Studio can also buy them directly from the store.

EcoShock™ – Provides cushioning and impact dissipation

Helping CASETiFY lay claim to the “Most Protective Phone Case”, the brand reinforced the interior sides and back of the Bounce case by applying layers of a new proprietary, patent-pending material called EcoShock™. At the molecular level, the plant-based EcoShock™ material is able to transform the kinetic energy of an impact into heat, while its twist pattern dissipates it across the surface of the case.

In addition to the 40% plant-based material used in the exclusive EcoShock™ material, the entire case is sustainably made with the “Re/CASETIFY“upcycling program, which was nominated this year by FastCompany to receive the World Changing Ideas Award. By recycling unwanted and used cases that customers can send to the brand in exchange for store credit, Re/CASETiFY gives new life to old materials, making the CASETiFY range of iPhone 14 cases one of the most eco-friendly products on the market.It should be noted that today CASETiFY has already diverted over 160,000 phone cases landfills through the program, roughly the length of more than 500 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Tested to the Extreme – Survive the highest drop heights

The result of the Bounce Corner reinforcement and EcoShock™ is the most protective shell for the mass market, responsibly manufactured through the Re/CASETiFY program. CASETiFY rigorously tests all cases. The Bounce Case for iPhone 14 (MSRP US$82) survived a series of over 156 drops from all angles into concrete and steel flooring, meaning it’s capable of achieving 6 times the requirement for military grade approval, also sporting a 21.3-foot drop-height protection. Featuring the same exclusive EcoShock™ technology, Ultra Impact Case for iPhone 14 (MSRP $78) added a patent-pending bumper design, allowing 130 consecutive drops from all angles, 5x the military-grade standard, and a drop height of 11.5 feet. Finally, the Impact Case for iPhone 14 (MSRP US$68) survived 104 consecutive drops from all angles, has a 4x military grade standard, including a drop height of 8.2 feet.

Protection and personality, combined

The new Bounce case for iPhone 14 will not only be the most protective option for new users, but will also be available in multiple colors. Peri, Kiwi and Bubble Gum. Apart from ready-to-order models on Amazon, purchases on will have a good portion of CASETiFY’s catalog of over 2,000 designs available for purchase. Customers can also choose to personalize their Impact, Ultra Impact and Bounce case with a name, special message or specific design, in the font of their choice. CASETiFY’s iPhone 14 cases are also set to receive new designs from major franchises such as One Piece, Sailor Moon or Harry Potter.

“After spending more than 10 years researching and creating high quality accessories, CASETiFY is thrilled to continue on the path of supporting artists and creating eye-catching designs,” said Wes Ng, CEO and co-founder of CASETiFY. “But now our consumers can also be confident that we have become the most protective brand in accessories.”

All case models will be available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus , iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max Learn more about CASETiFY, Bounce Case, and the company’s full line of premium accessories by clicking here. Follow us for more @CASETiFY news on instagram, Facebook, ICT Tac and Twitter.


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