Carsales seeks to attract advertisers outside the “auto bubble”


“Car sales is an automotive business, there’s no denying it, it’s fundamentally our DNA… at the same time, we’re a brand driven by passion and intention, which can translate into a moment in life, a lifestyle and many different areas.

Mr Vilusic said Carsales, as a media company, largely dominated the categories it finds itself in: cars, bikes and boats. In Australia, Carsales also manages the sale of trucks, the sale of tires, the sale of motorhomes, the sale of construction, the sale of agricultural machinery, Redbook and Placie.

Mr Vilusic said that while Carsales naturally attracted the automotive category, this audience had a life outside of buying cars.

“We reach a big audience and that audience leads a life that seeks to buy a lot of products,” he said. “They happen to be looking at the automobile at this point. We are looking to be able to provide solutions for all sets of customers.

At its core, Carsales was driven by customer passions, Ms. Mariani said.

“For the majority of the audience on these websites, this is absolutely a lifestyle choice and a point of passion, and that says a lot about this person,” she said.

For marketers looking to tap the Carsales audience, Mr Vilusic said the environment offers contextual relevance but also reach, which means advertisers can reach a mass audience through properties. by Carsales.

“If you’re an automotive brand, of course our environment is a natural contextual environment, same for bikes, boats, trailers and everything in between. But if you turn that around and talk about the audience and you can identify the right audience, we become a reach game, ”he said.

“We become a great publisher who can reach audiences, some can be relevant to the context, others can be relevant to the audience. “

In September, the Carsales company reached a unique audience of 4.4 million people, according to Nielsen, with an average user spending around 34 minutes on the website.

The competitive incentive as a reach game means Carsales is investing more in data, so they can find out more about their audience; technology to ensure that the company can provide the best advertising solutions to its advertising partners; and in its employees so that Carsales can remain n ° 1 and take a step ahead of its competitors.

Carsales ‘media division intends to launch an ad agency’ capacity ‘, which Mr Vilusic describes as an’ add-on service that can work with both agencies and advertisers to solve bigger challenges. for them “.

“What we’re really trying to do from an analytical standpoint is align with the business needs of customers and their business goals,” he said. “So let it be as simple as selling a product or moving metal, as we call it in our category, but all the way through brand-based metrics, or whatever could be challenged. “

Mr Vilusic said the new strategic direction meant Carsales as media property could compete with social platforms, arguing that social giants such as Facebook lack contextual relevance.

“What we can do in a unique way is that we can achieve context-based relevance, but also audience-based relevance,” he said.

Ms Mariani said COVID-19 and the relevant lockdown restrictions have accelerated the role of a market such as Carsales where consumers can access all the information they need before making a purchasing decision, such as a car , a boat or a motorbike.

“You’re going to do your due diligence, and that is certainly the success of the Carsales business long before COVID was even,” Ms. Mariani said. “What we’ve seen in COVID is an even greater acceleration of this because people weren’t able to go to dealerships or do that kind of research in person, so they have relied even more on digital environments that have all the information they can choose to make a decision.

“So that definitely put us in a stronger position to be able to speak to an even larger audience and then even more engaged with the commercials, which we would normally see. “

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