Cabrillo College investigates ‘racist’ graffiti

Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputies and Cabrillo College administrators are investigating “offensive racist graffiti” that was found scrawled on a newly painted restroom wall near the college’s Carl Connelly Stadium, Cabrillo’s president said, Matt Wetstein.

The graffiti has since been repainted.

Neither school officials nor the sheriff’s office were willing to say exactly what the graffiti spelled.

The vandalism happened Feb. 17 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Wetstein said, during which multiple groups gained access to the area.

Wetstein called the incident “deeply disturbing.”

“…and I would like to clearly communicate that there is no room in Cabrillo for racial intolerance or hatred of any kind,” he said in a letter to the public. “To all who were subjected to this objectionable message prior to its removal by staff, I would like to express my deepest regrets and deepest assurances that Cabrillo College is committed to the fundamental dignity of every human being and to the creating and maintaining a diverse and welcoming community. , rooted in equality and justice.

Cabrillo administrator Steve Trujillo agreed and said that as a gay Latino man he probably would not have been elected decades ago due to societal biases that have since evolved.

Trujillo suggested that, if caught, vandals should be required to repair the damage themselves.

“The important thing is that they look at what they damaged, how they damaged the community, and they have to make different choices,” he said.

The Cabrillo Division of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call Sgt. Jordan Brownlee at 454-7755, and refer to case 2201263.

Wetstein says any graffiti and hate speech on campus can be reported to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Line at 471-1122, or Cabrillo’s Title IX/Civil Rights Compliance Officer Anna Bartkowski at [email protected] or 477-3373.

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