Britney Spears’ father suspended as curator


Britney Spears supporters protest outside the Stanley Mosk courthouse in Los Angeles on September 29. (Chris Pizzello / AP)

Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, praised the #FreeBritney movement this afternoon for helping to suspend the singer’s father as a curator.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, it’s been intense. I’m proud, Britney is proud,” Rosengart said at a press conference after the court hearing in Los Angeles. “I think the support of the #FreeBritney movement was instrumental. As long as it allowed my company to carry the ball across the finish line, I thank them as well.”

Learn more about the #FreeBritney movement: In 2009, Spears superfan Megan Radford read a blog post about her idol’s new legal arrangement, and something was wrong.

So Radford organized a protest by a woman outside the star’s concert in Dallas, wearing a T-shirt she had made herself, sporting an original slogan: “Free Britney”.

“I was on my own… I think some people really thought I was a weirdo,” Radford told CNN this summer. But, she added, “when you really care about a human being, it’s not a big step to start standing up for their rights.”

Radford, 34, who said she never “grew up” from her teenage love for Spears, had never heard of a guardianship before. Spears fans around her cared little for the cause, and the phrase on her clothes wasn’t a hashtag yet – just a few words she had read on a fan site.

“It was just a way of trying to make the situation clear,” said Jordan Miller, the owner of the fan site and the man who coined the phrase “Free Britney” in a series of cut-throat posts. blows his readers at the end of 2008. “I was 19, 20 … it all came out of me.”

Today, those two words arguably describe the defining pop culture crusade of the Internet age.

The #FreeBritney movement, which claims the star is being held against her will in a legal vise that denies her even the most basic personal freedoms, has outposts around the world and has drawn media attention to the case of the singer in recent years.

CNN’s Rob Picheta reporting contributed to this article.

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