Bergen Female Athlete of the Week: Lexi Mullins, Dumont

Lexi Mullins walked into a swim meeting and pulled out a pitcher.

Senior Dumont dabbled in a few sports growing up, nothing serious, but was interested in joining a team in the winter of her freshman year.

She told her parents it would be swimming, but after listening to the swim team’s direction, she suddenly made a course correction.

“When I was getting in shape, I just wrote bowling on it,” Mullins said with a laugh. “I’ve stuck with this ever since. “

Never a regular pitcher, Mullins shot a 156 with an alley ball that first day of practice, which surprised her and thrilled her coaches. She found that she really enjoyed the camaraderie of the lanes and started working on developing a hook with her right handed throw.

Lexi Mullins, Dumont

This work has paid off. Last weekend, she set a new personal best in three series, including a 253 at the North Jersey singles championship.

“I’m so happy I made the decision to bowling,” she said. “I don’t know what my life would be like without it. It gave me such an opportunity to improve myself and finally feel like I’m part of a team.

To be precise, Mullins is unlike everyone else on the Huskies bowling team. This year the Huskies have a mixed team instead of separate units for boys and girls.

Mullins is the individual who makes it mixed. She’s the lonely girl.

She admits it was a little uncomfortable at first, but now she’s the anchor, top scorer and captain of the Huskies. When someone goes on strike, she’s the first to shout “out the door!” This is the expression of the team to continue.

“The sports that I played in the past, well, I wasn’t that good at them,” Mullins said. “Now I’m a leader and it feels good. “

Mullins improved his average every year and even started bowling in a league. She has four of her own balls, each weighing 14 pounds.

“I just got better from training,” she said. “I started to get used to everything and got a noose [grip] and i watched a lot and kinda got it.

Mullins also joined the Dumont track and field team last year as a hurdler and plans to join again this spring, hopefully doing middle distance running.

She plays the mellophone – “it’s like a big trumpet,” she explains – and, with the fanfare season over, it’s time for the concert season to resume.

Mullins isn’t sure what her college future will be like and whether or not she’ll continue to bowling, but for now, she enjoys everything about the game.

“I love the way we celebrate all good, but even bad games,” said Mullins. “I know some days I don’t do as well as I would like, I will still receive encouragement from my team and my family and I like that when there are bad days they are still supportive of me.”

Lexi mullins

Sport: Bowling

The school: Dumont

To classify: Senior. Age: 17

Achievement: Mullins was seventh at the North Jersey Championships in singles and averaged 180 in championship games.

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