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Aleks Balac at the Grant Cardone 10X Growth Conference in Miami, Florida.

Aleks Balac is ranked among the top 20 CEOs by Yahoo Finance and is the current CEO of AdStar Media, LLC.

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, Aug 27, 2021 / – Aleks Balac is the Founder and CEO of AdStar Media, LLC. Aleks is a digital marketing and advertising specialist who has built and sold several online businesses ranging from eCommerce stores, affiliate sites and many more. Aleks now has his next big project, the online billboard.

Aleks Balac and his company, AdStar Media, LLC, didn’t hesitate to experiment with non-traditional advertising methods. Less than a year after its inception, AdStar Media took first place in “Best Advertising Companies in Kalamazoo, MI” according to Much of this can be attributed to the unique approach the company takes in its digital advertising and marketing methods.

In early 2021, Aleks Balac and AdStar Media moved their business south to Dallas, Texas. This year, Aleks Balac has focused on improving a system that allows businesses to be seen by millions of local customers through what he calls the “Online Billboard”.

“The online billboard will be the most effective way to advertise your business on the Internet,” says Aleks Balac. The project was first launched in late 2020 as a beta test to collect consumer data. Since then, Aleks has tested his operation and plans to open the floodgates to business owners in the coming weeks. The Dallas, TX online billboard received more than 1.5 million views last month alone.

Asked about his plans for the online billboard, Aleks said, “My mission is to create an experience that is not only valuable for businesses, but also for consumers.

“Let’s face it, people generally don’t like to see ads because most of them don’t match that person’s needs and interests,” says Aleks Balac.

There is much to be intrigued by AdStar Media’s new online billboard. The functionality and the ability to show businesses the exact results they are getting is where the value of online billboard really shines. If this project is successful, Aleks Balac will add another accolade to his already impressive resume. Aleks is ranked among the top 20 business leaders by Yahoo Finance for his accomplishments in business and advertising so far. Aleks has also been interviewed on several occasions by BluHorn TV as a thought leader on media buying. Will online Billboard be his biggest hit yet? We will find out soon.

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