Advertising is where people go and everyone goes in the metaverse

A new world is being born, a world that is nowhere, or perhaps everywhere. The metaverse is virtual world (the universe seems a little excessive) immersive that seems to open up the possibility of completely new experiences. If Mark Zuckerberg is betting on him, it’s because you have to watch out for him.

The idea of ​​the metaverse is not new

Years ago it appeared second life, a platform where one could live an alternative life in a virtual world. It didn’t work out, maybe because it was too early an idea. So advanced that the available technology did not meet their needs. But as time has passed, hardware, software, and especially connectivity, have improved, and will continue to improve, opening up new possibilities.

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Many claim that Mark Zuckerberg acts robotically: the founder of Facebook has acknowledged this behavior. (Photo: AFP/MANDEL NGAN)

And then something else happened: a pandemic that locked people up for months, even more than a year. It changed lifestyles, changed routines and showed that no need to move to be present, because we can be without leaving home. Bank branches, crowded years ago, are now empty and silent.

However, people are in the bank, only they do their transactions from another place. Thus, the facilities offered to us by technology and the appearance of a life that is less face-to-face, put on the horizon the Metavers like a new world where we can play, learn, work, buy, sell, meet people, etc. These are the same things that we can do today in the network, but with the exception that the experience is immersive, and instead of looking at a screen, we’ll be inside. And we already know that where the people are, there is advertising.

As a first approximation of the phenomenon, Meta (formerly Facebook) is preparing to offer its advertisers the possibility of inserting 3D pictures of your products in Facebook and Instagram ads, so people can move around and see them from different points of view. Of course, that’s nothing compared to putting on virtual reality glasses and stepping into this new world. But it’s a start.

The vanguard that already telecommutes from the metaverse.  (Photo: AFP)
The vanguard that already telecommutes from the metaverse. (Photo: AFP)

The metaverse will involve new ways brands can interact with people, offering completely new experiences and interactions, outside the physical world, but linked to it. Imagine an example: a product launch in the metaverse could bring together many more people than can be convened at an event in the offline world. Companies will be able to take advantage of this attractive environment to offer their public other ways to connect and fall in love with their products, more attractive, relevant and less invasive forms.

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Another area of ​​opportunity is NFTs, unique products whose authenticity is certified through blockchain technology. This involves the possibility of giving away or selling digital or physical objects that constitute unique pieces, such as a Picasso. Recently, an automotive brand launched a collection of digital figurines that can be stored, traded and traded on a platform called Digital Garage. The numbers show different iconic models of the brand, and they are expected to be an attraction for the fans that it has been able to conquer while building its image.

Anyway, Still a long way to go. According to Zuckerberg, a decade from now we will be able to see the Metaverse in all its glory, but progress is already underway, and we know that getting there first in advertising can make a big difference. The potential is huge, especially for creative developments where new resources can be brought into play for the generation of brand content. As so often, fiction is a taste of reality, and the Metaverse is nothing but the “holodeck,” where Star Trek characters are recruited to live in a chosen world.

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