22 advertising industry resolutions for 2022

Suzanne Powers, President, McCann Worldgroup and Director of Global Strategy

“First of all, well-being is everything. It’s a general feeling, of course, for our people and the way we also set the conditions for them to thrive, but also for our customers and our own business. The well-being of individuals, families, communities, businesses and the world in general are completely interdependent on each other. Our own proprietary Truth Central data backs this up and found that brands, rather than government, have more power to effect positive change. The power is in our hands as brand custodians and creators. Yet we cannot do any of these if your talent is not in mental, physical, functional, and emotional states where they and creativity can flourish. It’s up to us, as an industry, to tackle this challenge together and I decide to spend the energy on just that. Second, human ingenuity stimulates renewal. We have learned so much over the course of the pandemic, from denial, to fear, to acceptance, and even to innovation, the power of humans not only to “overcome” but, in fact, to flourish, to invent, to create. , has been nothing short of inspiring. In our own business, we’ve invented so many ways to solve problems together across seemingly disparate geographies, capacities and agencies, as conditions change in the blink of an eye. Why? Because, as our research reveals, there is a strong desire globally for people to create real change from what they have learned and what they continue to experience every day as the he uncertainty persists. “

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