The long wave of emigration Croatia has faced in recent years has emptied the Treasury. The pension fund cannot bear the cost of nearly 1.2 million retirees. But the more alarming fact is that so many retirees come with an equal number of workers who are not enough to cover the cost of pensions. Permanent media announcements and debates in the Chamber do not sound promising. for an assessment

The average pension is around HRK 2300 which is not even one third of the consumer basket. To make matters worse, an estimated 25 percent of retirees receive a pension of $ 1,500. Such incomes are not sufficient for basic living expenses, let alone emergencies. In addition, a good portion of these retirees live alone and cannot cover even the most basic. Many are turning to financial institutions for help. But not all financial institutions are well-to-do with retirees, especially those with low incomes.

Loans for pensioners with smaller pensions are still not part of the bank offering

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Banks usually provide loans to retirees with a certain amount of pension. This means that they have a lower limit below which the pension may not be so that retirees can apply for a loan, loan or loan. Many remain marginalized because they are unable to raise credit. Then, as long as they can, family members jump in, but often this is not enough, since they alone hardly make ends meet.

Low-income retirement banks are simply too big a risk that they are simply not prepared to take. They have a variety of lending options in their product range with more favorable interest rates and shorter repayment periods, but these products are for those with a larger budget.

Credit homes marketed special loans for retirees with smaller pensions

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Due to the poor status of Croatian pensioners, credit companies placed special loans on the market for low-pensioners. They are intended for low-income retirees who are not considered eligible by the banks. Most often, these are smaller amounts, fixed interest rates and a short repayment period. The biggest advantage is that the repayment period is short, so retirees can quickly request it again if the need arises.

Loans for pensioners with smaller pensions are available online, which makes it much easier for retirees who are difficult to move and cannot stand in line for long. The application process itself is simplified to the maximum, so everything can be done in just a few mouse clicks. In doing so, children, grandchildren, or friends can help potential clients submit a copy of their ID, current account card, and retirement lists.

Ideal for hard-to-move retirees

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The contract for loans for retirees with low pensions is downloaded directly from the website so that clients can read it peacefully and, if necessary, submit it to their lawyer or financial professional for review. Loans for pensioners with smaller pensions are paid off as soon as possible after applying. They are paid within 15 minutes or 24 hours at the latest of the application.

In situations where minutes also mean a lot, prompt action is extremely important. Especially when it comes to unpredictable and unplanned expenses that can bite your home budget anyway. And no one is immune to these situations, not even retirees.

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